Troubleshooting Blackberry WiFi With Error Code W004 Just Got Easier

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    Sometimes your system may display an error code with blackberry Wi-Fi error code w004. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.


    1. Hi, if yes, can someone help me. I have a guest a network that does the job that is open but provides you with web authentication (where you connect to a Wi-Fi enabled network, but the network is not fully open until you connect to get an introductory website to use). Recently I was able to access this network from within, but the problem is certainly that the phone sometimes chooses not to access this connection (often using or trying to access the EDGE network instead) and therefore may not be able to access to the login screen. It will say it’s successfully connected, the wireless network logo won’t light up until I get past most of the login screen.

      I tried (without reproducible success):
      – Bookmark this login screen (does not always use Wi-Fi network)
      – Activate the use of Opera in addition to “wifi”
      – Hard reset (removing the battery) is most often associated with phones
      – Remove and re-add each of our Wi-Fi networks (it says connected, but the Wi-Fi logo is off)
      – Clear cache as cookies
      – Turn off your smartphone network

      mywife connected flip with same issues near school and may not have data pack. Sometimes it comes to the login panel, sometimes just errors and the same (no login).

      Thoughts? (I’ve run advanced wifi diagnostics and general wifi compatibility seems fine. UMA gets software error w004, connection error, status: and as a result “Internet provider error. DNS server cannot be reached” which makes sense, because the firewall works outside the local browser is not always possible.)

      Once I get to our login screen, all logins are fully compatible, including UMA.

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    2. Of course, make it your BB browser set to an access point instead of the Internet. Hotspot is usually used for Wi-Fi.

      Browser > BB Button > Options > Browser Configuration > Browser Hotspot


      Does BlackBerry Curve have Wi-Fi?

      Probably one of the most useful features of the BlackBerry Curve on the market is its ability to connect to Wi-Fi networks, which allows you to ditch your phone’s expensive data plan in favor of a more stable and usually free one.

      03-11-09 14:04

    3. < li>

      Using a hotspot and an internet browser didn’t seem to make a direct difference.

      Surely there is a way to remotely ping the wireless router and update the services? (I don’t have access to remote reboot my router, that’s the problem.)

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    4. 1. Download and install ASR Pro
    5. 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
    6. 3. Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

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    8. blackberry wifi error code w004

      Unfortunately, you may have to reset your router. More troubleshooting tips can be found in most Wi-Fi guides.

      blackberry wifi error code w004

      03-11-09 14:22

    Why is my BlackBerry not connecting to Wi-Fi?

    Make sure you’re in a Wi-Fi coverage area. If you can connect to your home network, check to see if other wireless technology devices can connect. If some other devices cannot connect, you can try resetting the router (if your company does not have a Wi-Fi system, contact the owner before resetting the wireless router).


    1. Hi, can someone help me later. I have a guest network at work that is open but web-certified (where you connect to Wi-Fi but the network isn’t fully open until you sign up to a great introductory website). I have been able to access this network in the past, but the problem is thatMost of the time the phone decides to go to that login screen all the time (instead of using or trying to access the EDGE network) and therefore just not getting access to the login. screen. It can tell if it’s connected, but the custom Wi-Fi logo might not light up unless I get past that account screen.

      I have looked (without reproducible success):
      – Bookmark login screen (doesn’t always use someone’s wifi network)- Opera with Wi-Fi enabled
      – Hard reset (remove battery) connected to phone
      – Delete and re-add a Wi-Fi compatible network (shows the network is connected, but the Wi-Fi style does not turn on)
      – Delete cache and therefore cookies
      – Disable mobile network

      my wife has a flip and even has the same problem in girl school and doesn’t have the data pack yet. Sometimes your lover may go to the login screen when there are only errors (no login).

      How do I connect an old BlackBerry to Wi-Fi?

      Usually, click the Manage Connections icon on the home screen.Click Set Up Wi-Fi Network.Click Search Networks.Click on the access point and also on the router that is enabled using Wi-Fi Protected Setup.In the dialog that appears, click Next.

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