Troubleshooting Brother DCP-150C Machine Error 46

You should read these repair ideas when you get the brother DCP-150C Machine Error 46 error code.

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    The “Ink Absorber Pad Full” error means that an absorber or flush box is required to replace the internal ink cartridge. Whether these items need to be renewed and the specific time until they are replaced depends on the number of cleanings and flushes required to clean the ink supply system.

    The error “Machine Error 46” means that many of the internal ink absorbers or purge tanks need to be replaced.

    The need to replace these parts, as well as the timing of replacement, often depends on the number of cleaning and flushing cycles required to clean the ink supply systeml. These boxes receive portions of ink during various flushing and removal operations. The number of times the machine rinses and removes for cleaning depends on the situation. The more often the car needs to be cleaned, the faster these boxes fill up.

    The ink absorber or eraser can absorb enough ink to ensure the normal life of the device. During the normal expected life of the machine, cleaning updates are performed automatically under the following conditions:

    When you first set up the coffee maker, it performs an initial flush to fill the ink tubes the very first time you install the cartridges.

    brother dcp-150c machine error 46

    After a card jam l The brew The host automatically cleans the print head before the next print job. This can be described as removing paper dust that can damage the printhead assembly.

    – font-size:=””>When excellent ink in a cartridge is replaced , as long as this particular device is disabled, it can clear print Head on autopilot when plugged in.

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  • If the human machine uses Powered in For 45 days, when not in use, the print head is automatically cleaned to prevent ink from drying out and nozzle clogging.

    Disconnection from machine caused by Energy Saver The outlet initiates cleaning cycles when the first print job is sent to the device after power is restored.

    – The use of third party inks is also a serious cause of the problem, as various third party inks can clog certain printhead nozzles, resulting in frequent cleaning of the printheads. repairs must be of high quality.

    The internal ink absorber is not a commercially available purge item. It should only be replaced by an authorized Brother authorized service center.

    Learn how to completely get rid of error 49tere Brother by following the eight easy steps from this essential article.

    brother dcp-150c machine error 46

    In this article, we will talk about error code 46 related to Brother printer. Error fifty-six appears on the screen, including on the computer, when the print buffers are filled with waste ink. The corresponding system automatically sends a certain error to prevent further serious damage to your printer.

    Usually this error occurs when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired even now, so you will not get a free repair, and it will cost quite a bit more to visit a technician to fix this error, for example, the price of a new printer depends on the model you are using. .

    To save some money, I researched how to fix this error. We applied this research to our printing brother or sister and worked for the United States. Below we provide the buyer with eight steps to take to correct this error and get the printer working.

    Brother Printers Have Different Gadgets, This Guide Only Works In For The Following Printers:

    How do I get my Brother printer out of error mode?

    Click the “Start” settings.Select Update & Security.Select Troubleshoot.Select Additional Fixes.Select the device icon.Select “Run the troubleshooter”.

    DCP-130C, DCP-135C, DCP-150C, DCP-350C, DCP-330C, DCP-540CN, DCP-560CN, DCP-750CW, DCP-770CW, MFC-235C, MFC-240C, MFC-260C, MFC- 440CN, MFC-465CN, MFC-5460CN, MFC-5860CN, MFC-660CN, MFC-680CN, MFC-845CW And MFC-885CW.

    If your personal printer model does not appear in this list, please leave a good comment in the section below. Many of these will help you find a great alternative solution, or we may have an updated list.

    Remove The Forty-sixth Error Code On Brother Printers:

    Your printer name may change on the main control panel and the word “Copy 1” may appear. Don’t worry, this will be the same photo printer you were using before this setup, although the printer appears to need to be plugged into different USB ports.

    Step 1:
    First try to make sure your printer isINand stay connected to your computer throughout this process. It should also be computersIN and is working fine at this moment.

    2nd step:
    Touch ourMENU/GAME, SINGLE/STAR, MENU/SELECTbuttons and in our special order. Once this has happened, wait a few seconds (five).

    Step 3:
    inMAINTENANCE 10 the choice appears on your screen, and in addition,FAX MACHINEas well asKeysThe copy will probably turn green.

    Step 4:
    Press the GPS navigation buttons up and selectMAINTENANCE 80 path to followMENU. Later press the buttonONE/STAR click again and maybe clickMENU/SETUP A

    Step 5:
    finally you got toDelete the programIt will have a scope, but ignore it – that’s it.#6:

    Stage at which cleaning is likely to be activated, enter the prefix2783. Soon you will hear a good beep and the counter will be reset to zero (0).

    How do I reset my Brother ink absorber?

    The first strategies presented above involve pressing and holding the home button for ten seconds. Once the new monitor boots up, press and hold that empty spot on the TV’s touch screen for 5-10 seconds, then release.

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