Buffer Error On Sr0 Problems?

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    Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported buffer bugs on sr0.

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    buffer error on sr0

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  • I/O Buffer Error On Sr0, Legitimate Device Lock

    Whenever I try to install Ubuntu I get this error
    “I/O buffer error on device sr0, logical”Outlet 1147534”
    “end_request: Error i/o dev sector9180280” sr0, the error keeps repeating. ideas?

  • Re: Any Buffer I/O Error In Available Device Block Sr0

    This usually appears when the installer might not be able to read the CD. I had the same problem until I flattened another ISO image.

  • Re: Buffer I/O Error On Logical Device Sr0, Block

    Originally published


    It’s no longer safe if the installer can’t scan the CD. I had the same problem until I burned another ISO image.

    I already have over 10 downloads, do you think this is your drive? I figured it was probably my previous drive that I kept getting the error on, I was just hoping it wasn’t as I only have one working drive which CDs from .

  • Re: I/O Buffer On Component Sr0, Logic Block Errors

    Try using the LiveCD on another computer. Knowing if there will be a drive is probably another issue with the device itself.

  • Re: Buffer I/O Error In Kindle Sr0 Logical Block

    This error indicates that you can allow them to read a drive other than a CD.not

    This necessarily means that the disc was not burned correctly.

    There may be a .problem .with the .IDE… try this:

  • Insert CD
  • When you get to the menu press F6 (I don’t seem to have it)
  • Add immediately (without quotes) to the end of the parameter list that appears at the bottom of the screen, “irqpoll all_generic_ide=1”.
  • Now try running the Dinge die CD. You need to do to install and this particular live view.
  • Before installation, check if it works Is it from the new CD.

    I hope this helped you.

  • Subject: Buffer I/O Error On Device Sr0, Legal Blocking

    Originally published


    This might be a bug saying that most people can’t read a CD player. Not

    this inevitably means that not the entire disc has actually been written.

    This might be a problem for those with an IDE… try this:

  • Insert most of the CD
  • When you get to the selection press F6 “Think” (I don’t have one yet)
  • the following Add (without quotes) to allow it at the end of the parameter shown below in relation to the screen, “irqpoll all_generic_ide=1”. Try running
  • Now it has a CD. You need to do basic installation and set up live view.
  • Check out these works views from the CD before installing.

    Hope this helps.

    I’m still getting thave an incredible mistake. even I changed the hard drives to a working one.


  • Re: Buffering I/O Errors Directly To Device On Sr0, Logical Block

    It looks like your burner is not burning valid discs. You need to burn to disc from another device. I think it could also be the software someone is using to create CDs, the drive itself, or the drive hardware.

  • Re: Buffer Error In I/O Block Tool Sr0, Logic

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • Originally posted on


    buffer error on sr0

    It looks like you’re not only burning actual discs from these burners. You should try a real burn hard drive from another computer. This could be the software you use to create CDs, or your current hardware. himself, probably.

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