Steps To Troubleshoot Pinnacle Video Device Not Found

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    Over the past week, some of our readers have informed us that they have stumbled upon a video device that Pinnacle could not find.

    video device not found pinnacle

    In versions 10, studio 11 and 12, the specific full error message looks like this:

    video device not found pinnacle

    Studio can record to many different recording devices. Principles Above are the basic troubleshooting steps for the 2 categories of capture devices, digital, analog and.

    Examples of digital devices are Digital 4 dv, HDV or camcorder. If you’ve tried shooting with this device, skip to option 1 below.

    Examples of analog devices are undoubtedly Or 8 mm Hi-8 camcorders, DVD vendors, or VCRs. If you’re trying to capture from most of these devices, skip to option 2 below.1:

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  • 1. Download and install ASR Pro
  • 2. Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • 3. Select the files or folders you want to scan and click "Restore"

  • If you already have a Digital Learning Resource (DV, 8, Record, HDV), follow most of the steps:

    one next. In Studio, open the “Configuration” drop-down menu and select “Source Capture”.

    b. In the Capture field, Devices, make sure Camcorders and DV Audio Camcorders are set to Pinnacle 1394. Then click OK. Studio is not configured to register on port 1394

    NOTE: Since there is no option for a DV camcorder,Windows does not load all 1394 host controller drivers. You will proceed to step 3 below to fix this driver in the Peripheral Device Manager. Once the driver is loaded, start again from step 1.

    2. You are checking the following for a DV, Digital 8 or HDV camcorder:

  • Make sure the camera is in the PLAY tree. Some camcorder vendors may use different terms such as “VCR” or “VCR”. They all mean the same situation when the camcorder starts reading from the tape. The may be in non-camera mode.
  • Camcorders must be enabled.
  • The digital camera must also be powered by AC power. Don’t drain your muscle battery.
  • You actually need to connect the camcorder to the computer’s Firewire port using a 1394 cable. If you don’t know what the other 1394 port looks like, click here to view this FAQ suggesting 1394.
  • Disconnect the 1394 cable and reconnect it to the camcorder and computer in the same way. Make sure it is fully connected to the 1394 connector. If you have multiple 1394 ports, try all associated ports. Make sure you are not using a USB cable to connect your new camera or camcorder to the USB dv/dvd port. Studio will not capture from a DV or Digital camera if 8 is not connected to a full dv/firewire/1394 port.
  • NOTE. Do not connect a DV camcorder to the USB port as it will not recognize the Windows camcorder’s pitch and will not load the camcorder’s pitch driver.

    3. Device manager. Check the Device Manager directly to see if the 1394 controller and DV camera drivers are loaded. See

  • Click “Start” “Panel -> Controls”. In the “Panel” window, apply controls “System”.
  • In the System Properties Restore window, this click opens the Hardware tab. You button
  • click “Device Manager”.
  • The 1394 card driver is always listed under IEEE Header 1394 Bus Host Controller as Texas Instruments IEEE ohci 1394 Host Controller. device is marked with an exclamation point (!), the procedure will not load rightwilno.
  • The camcorder driver is listed as camcorder as DV, I would say, in the “Devices” section of the capture header. Brand Sony, probably Canon, JVC, come on, the manufacturer of your camcorder. If this device has an exclamation point (! Your ), the current device is not charging properly.
  • If anyone is unable to successfully deploy a device, they should contact that business unit’s support department, the camcorder because the 1394 and the driver are provided by Microsoft and built into Windows XP.
  • If your controller and 1394 digital video camera are installed correctly, they will look like this in Device Manager:

    NOTE. When you turn the camcorder on and off, the camcorder driver is loaded and unloaded. You should see your precious cursor turn into an hourglass as the device is recognized and windows loads its driver. In addition, Windows (XP and Vista) usually displays the message “Working new hardware when found” when you turn on the camcorder if the device is detected.

    NOTE: Port 1394 in yourIf the motherboard is on a breadboard (not on a partial motherboard then), try inserting a prepaid 1394 card into a different PCI slot. Use the following for each card’s move instructions:

    1. Turn off the computer.1394
    2. Move the card account to another PCI slot. If people don’t have a free slot, just swap the slots with another PCI card.
    3. Restart your computer. The Found New Hardware Wizard should automatically detect new hardware.instructions
    4. Follow the screen to complete the driver download, if applicable. device
    5. Check in the manager if the map Est 1394 is loaded correctly for the car.
    6. Easily fix your computer problems with our software download.

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